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About Twonationsonefaith and this Privacy Policy
This site is owned and operated by the Twonationsonefaith worldwide. We go to great lengths (such as writing long privacy policies) to protect your personal data and we also comply with all relevant laws and regulations that exist to protect the privacy of individuals.

The term web site refers to the following description of the web pages that are under a specific domain. Web page refers to the individual, separate pages that like this page are hosted under a specific domain. The provisions of this Privacy Policy also apply to all mobile access and use of mobile devices.

Some pages on our websites contain links to third party sites. These websites have their own privacy policies and twonationsonefaith is not responsible for their business, including but not limited to their information routines. Users who send information to or through these third-party websites should review the privacy policies for the websites before sending any personal data to them.

When you browse our web site or otherwise use our services or visit our websites or through another communication channel, register or transfer your personal information to us, you acknowledge that you have read this privacy policy and agree that your information is processed as described herein. If you do not agree to the privacy policy, you should not use our services. Please note that the terms of the Privacy Policy may change for some time. Therefore, you should review these terms on a regular basis to make sure you are satisfied with the changes.

About Cookies
Twonationonefaith and our service providers use so-called Cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small text file sent from a website to your browser. The cookie can not identify you personally, but only the browser installed on your computer, which you use when visiting the current web page (even tablets and Internet-enabled phones are included). Different cookies are therefore on different computers in case you use different computers to reach our websites.

Cookies are sent to you from the site you visit (i.e., first-party cookies) or from another organization that provides services to the current site, such as an analytics and statistics company (so-called third-party cookies). There are two kinds of cookies, one of which is called session cookies and the other is called permanent cookie. A session cookie is sent to your computer for the web pages to work properly during your visit. A session cookie is not stored on your computer, but disappears when you close your browser. However, a permanent cookie is stored on your computer, for example, to allow a webpage to recognize your computer’s IP address and thus your browser the next time you log in. We use both session cookies and permanent cookies on our websites. They are mainly needed for the functionality of our services, to help us improve our delivery of products and services, provide you with additional functionality or to help us target relevant and customized ads to you.