About us

Two Nations-One Faith is a non-profit organization that was founded by Drs. Natasha Serginko and Wanda “Hidden Owl” Browne in 1997. Their experience in the psychic realm and scientific research into comparative religions and culture is a unique blend that interests people all over the world. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA, with satellite offices in Seattle, WA; London, England, and Geneva, Switzerland.

Our Mission

• Our mission is to promote peace beyond borders and to encourage friendship and love for humanity.

• We gladly accept people of all races, creeds, and faith to achieve our goals. To our members, all belief systems are valid and there is no right or wrong way.

• We strive to help people find validation who believe in more than what their senses tell them.

• It is possible to learn more about our world and ourselves through psychic gifts and supernatural awareness.

Two Nations-One Faith believes in an eternal, benign Divine Energy that has been interpreted in many different ways by various cultures throughout history. The only thing that makes us different is our terminologies and customs. Just about all religions have a mystic branch that deals with spirituality and communicating with the Unseen. We reach out to those Seekers.

Through the generosity of our members, we continue to support psychic research in universities and schools in various countries. We hold that everyone has the potential to unlock their psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. The more open we are to the spiritual realm, the better we can understand each other and our common bond.

We Welcome All!

If you are interested in learning more about psychic gifts and mystic freedom, you have a home in Two Nations-One Faith. Membership is free and open to all those who want to expand their knowledge beyond the ordinary. We have members from just about all walks of life. Many of them are gifted psychic mediums who are willing to share their gifts with others. When you discuss your life’s journey with genuine, compassionate clairvoyants on-line or by telephone, chances are that you are speaking with someone who is associated with our organization.

Some of the divination practices we promote are psychic mediumship, tarot cards, crystal healings, and many others. We are open to many religions that have been unfairly maligned, such as Wicca, Voodoo, and charismatic branches of some faiths. We believe that everyone is part of the Divine Energy; therefore, we all have something valuable to contribute to the Common Good. For more information about our organization, feel free to contact me.

Meet Our Founders:

Dr. Natasha Serginko

Natalia (Natasha) Petrovna Serginko was born in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. She comes from a rich ancestry of spiritually and psychically- gifted family. Under her grandmother’s tutelage, young Serginko learned the arts of divination and mediumship. After graduating high school, she attended Moscow State University, where she studied anthropology.

Serginko immigrated to the United States in 1993 and did post-doctoral work at UCLA-Berkley. Her research was anchored in comparative religion and its dynamics in developing cultures. It was during her time at Berkley that she met Wanda ”Hidden Owl” Browne, a native of the Cherokee tribe in Oklahoma.

These educated women found a common bond in their efforts to unite people in cultural awareness, religious tolerance, and psychic awareness. Together, they founded Two Nations-One Faith to reach their goals. Serginko and her family reside in Southern California, where they are active members of their community. Natascha also worked at Spåtjenester24  for 3 years as a spiritual advisor in Norway.

Dr. Wanda “Hidden Owl” Browne

Wanda “Hidden Owl” Browne was born in Oklahoma on the Cherokee Nation reservation. Her mother was a single parent who had to work two jobs to support the family. Browne was an apt student who loved to read and study the native culture of her people. She won a scholarship to Oklahoma State University and earned a Masters in Social Work. She has always been dedicated to fighting poverty and increasing educational opportunities for residents of her native reservation. Browne is also a gifted clairvoyant.

She was a doctoral student at ULCA-Berkley when she crossed paths with Dr. Natasha Serginko. They have collaborated in a couple major studies concerning multiculturalism and psychic phenomena. Their work was the basis for the philosophy and goals behind Two Nations-One Faith. Browne is an executive counselor for Pathways, a Native American counseling center. She is also a principal shaman for her tribe. Browne and her two Chihuahuas make their home between the Cherokee Reservation in Oklahoma and Los Angeles.