Can you increase Brain Power and Concentration?

Do you want to improve your Memory and concentration? If yes then you landed on the right page, where I will give you some tips to do that. But the first thing for you to do is to believe in it and it will be possible. Many researchers proves it, so you can trust on it.

I am here mentioning some of the tricks to do this:-  


  • Write it down: some of us don’t want to write but If you are a student, you can create notes or write a blog while studying – all these activities increase your ability to remember those things which you write.

  • Laugh out loud: Researchers suggest that laughing out louder improves your short term memory. When you do it, your body discharge a special type of hormone (endorphin) , which increases your logic capacity and reduces stress.

  • Listen some music: Some type of music have been very helpful in improving memory. Songs and music can play an important role in bringing back your special memories. Information that is learned when listening to a particular song or collection can be remembered by thinking about song or song in mind.

  • Visualise things: The best way to remember memory and remember things is to visualize what you are reading or listening to in your own brain. Pay attention to photographs, charts and other graphics that appear in your book. If you are not studying a book, then try to create a mental image of what you are trying to remember. The more this mental image becomes clear, the more you will remember.

  • Learn new things and be Creative: Try to learn new languages, play musical instruments, paint, enhance your vocabulary – learning new things and keeping the creative work active.

  • Repeat things of daily life: If you want to install a memory in your brain, repeat it again and again. If you meet a new person, repeat his name while getting his hands on him (“Hi Mohan”), when you are ending the conversation, then mention his name again (“It was nice meeting you, Mohan”). If you find this strange, you can say in your mind.
  • Teach someone: Reading aloud, has been considered useful for improving memory. The fact behind this idea is that psychologists and teachers have found that when we teach something or any other concept, then we can remember that thing very easily.

  • Talk to your surroundings: It is linked to being alert. Practice making the surrounding things and a mental photograph of your surroundings. Focus on all things – scent, people, weather etc.

  • Avoid Multitasking: Studies have shown that our brain cannot efficiently switch between tasks, which mean that when you do multitask together, then you are not actually doing anything Were Research has also shown that while learning multitasking, we learn less and waste more of our time.

  • Create connections: You can improve your memory by making a connection to what you see in your routine. As an example – remembering a particular sign of the road you go through, like remembering a large shop or showroom or hospital, makes it easy to remember the path. To remember a telephone number, you can remember it by connecting you, your birth date, or the year of marriage to the knot.

  • Remove Stress: Well it is very difficult to do but still if you give it a try it will help you to improve Memory By Removing Stress

  • Meditation: The time of morning is the best time to meditate.Meditate at least 15 to 30 minutes per day brings changes in your brain and stress is taken away. Meditation matches you with yourself and brings wonderful changes in your life.

  • Read: Read at least 20 minutes everyday can change your life.

  • Yoga: Yoga also changes your brain. Now you have World Yoga Day too. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga protects the brain from shrinking with age.

  • Regular body Exercise: Exercise is not just exercise of the body, it also helps to exercise your brain too. Exercise also by any interesting activity like swimming or joining the sports club.

  • Sleep properly: you need to take adequate sleep for 7-8 hours. By obtaining adequate sleep, you cross the entire spectrum of night cycle, which is necessary for the optimal brain during waking. Even a small nap taken during fatigue during the day recharges your brain.

  • Get Organised: By organizing everyday things in a organized way, your mind becomes independent, which helps in focusing on important things.

  • Be a Social person: you have to spend time with the people you feel comfortable spending time with. Self-confidence increases due to which stress is removed.


Our loved ones from the heaven want to communicate with us and can send signs in the form of pictures, symbols, songs, dreams etc. But in some cases it would take quite a long time to receive a sign from our loved ones. There can be several reasons for this delay.

  •         When a loved one passes, they take some time for the transition from this world to the next side. This is the time when there is a reunion of him with the other family members already living in the heaven.
  •         It can be because our loved ones are not used to the heaven and that’s why it takes some time for them to gather enough energy to come up with a sign to us.
  •         When we are emotionally weak, we are not being able to take benefit of the sign which our loved one sends to us. That’s why our loved ones wait for the right moment when we are more stable with our minds to come up with a sign.

We will receive a sign when we are ready and will be able to extract lessons or benefits from it. The signs are their way of telling a hello. It’s their way of telling that they are with us and will guide us to the rest of our life. They don’t want us to be questioning about how they passed away, they don’t want us to stick with their memories which is stopping us to move forward. They want us to be happy and live our life to the fullest.

Pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is becoming popular. It has been used in ancient era too. Pendulum dowsing uses a pendulum which fetches answers for the reader. Majorly the answers are in a “yes” or “No” pattern. The Pendulum can be made by hanging a small thing with an optimum weight connected with a string or a rod. One can buy a pendulum from market too , but choosing your pendulum correctly is very important like if you like a pendulum and when you touch it, you feel good, then it is the one for you.
Pendulum works as a medium to absorb the vibration, which majorly comes out from the consciousness of a mind. For starting pendulum dowsing, reader must set the answers of “yes”, “No” and “ no answers” by the directional movement of the pendulum. Initially you need to rest your elbow on a stable surface and keep the pendulum still. Offering a short prayer creates a positive environment, then start putting up the questions. Every time you change the question ,keep the pendulum still ,so that it clears all the previous data. You can do this by keeping it still or simply asking it to do so through your mind. Keep your mind also away from the clutters. Check for these techniques.
Initially to check the correctness of the answers, ask the questions you already know the answers of. Keeping patience is very important throughout the process. With time and practice you will perform it better.

Visions From Beyond the Veil – Signs That A Deceased Loved One Is Reaching Out

We’ve all experienced the grief of losing a loved one. We often find ourselves wondering if they’re doing okay in the afterlife. Their passing could happen so suddenly that we still have lingering questions that only they can answer. They could be attempting to speak with you right now and you may not realize it. If you’re suspicious that a deceased loved one may be trying to contact you, here are some signs to look for and how to respond.

How The Deceased Can Contact Us

1. Dreamscape Visitations
Dreaming about a deceased loved one is a fairly common experience. Most psychologists agree that this is a type of coping mechanism for your mind and emotions. But when is a simple dream about a deceased loved one not very simple? There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if your dream is actually a dreamscape visitation.

During your dream, if your loved one appears to you in distress or is asking for your help, this could be a sign that something is not well in the afterlife. Alternatively, if you speak to your loved one during your dream and they acknowledge the fact that they’re deceased, that is a significant sign that you are connecting with them in the afterlife.

These dream visitations can often yield many beneficial points of information. Your loved one would not be using their spiritual energy to reach out to you if it weren’t important. Once you awake from a dream about a deceased loved one, grab a notebook and write down every detail that you can remember. The dead have difficulty communicating coherently with the living, so they need to use symbols or visions to convey their messages. Should you find yourself experiencing dreamscape visitations that seem urgent, you should contact a psychic or a spiritual medium immediately.

2. Apparitions
Some spirits are so powerful that they are able to cross the veil and appear in the world of the living as a partially formed apparition. Since our living eyes cannot perfectly grasp the energy or workings of the afterlife, the apparitions might appear slightly blurry or misshapen. If you’ve ever caught something from the corner of your eye that appeared to be the shape or silhouette of your deceased loved one, you very well may have seen exactly that. These types of apparitions and sightings don’t occur just in the world of the occult. Many people from many cultures and religions believe in the power of deceased spirits to be able to return to the mortal plane to bring good fortune or ill omens.

3. Voices, Sounds, & Smells
Some of our senses are easier to stimulate than others. While it can be difficult for a deceased loved one to get our attention using our eyesight, our senses of smell and hearing are much easier and require less energy. If you’re ever by yourself and you smell the lingering scent of a family perfume/cologne worn by a passed loved one or any other familiar smell tied to that person, that could be a sign of their presence.

People have also reported hearing the disembodied voice of a loved one who had passed. This can occur at any time during the day or night regardless of what you’re doing. There is even a handful of cases where a deceased loved one has called family members from old phone numbers to leave cryptic messages. If any of these things happen to you, it is urgent that you contact a psychic or a spiritual medium to contact your loved one and find out what their urgent message is for you.

How Can A Medium Contact Spirits

A medium is a spiritually-gifted person who has the ability to communicate with spirits existing in the afterlife. While mediums are generally born with the gift of spiritual communication, there are certain tools that a medium can utilize to boost the spiritual connection and to help clear up the incoming communication.

  • Tarot Cards. This is a very popular form of spiritual communication that helps to lay out the message in a visual form that only the medium will be able to decipher.
  • Ouija Board. This form of communication allows the spirit to spell out their message clearly but is also a very risky choice since it can make contact with spirits other than your loved ones.
  • Seance. Often associated with the occult, seances are a ritualistic form of communication that opens a gateway to the spirit realm which should only be attempted by a professional psychic or medium.
  • Spirit Channeling. This is when a medium allows a spirit to enter their body to speak using their voice. This allows for clear communication, but the medium takes on all of the risks involved.

I specialize in spiritual communications with the souls of the afterlife using various communication tools. If you find yourself being contacted by a deceased loved one and would like to communicate with them, contact me for a spiritual communication session.